Earlier this year, Lawn and Landscape listed “High personnel turnover” as one of the top profit margin destroyers for a landscaping business. When a good employee leaves, you need to invest valuable time and money finding a replacement. At the same time you miss out on billable work that employee could have been doing. Double whammy! Even when you find a replacement, it still takes time to get that person working at 100% efficiency. Employee turnover HURTS.

One way to improve employee retention is by implementing a scheduling system like SortScape. SortScape reduces a lot of uncertainty and hassle for good employees because they always know where to be, what to bring and what to do when they get there. When employees feel like they have the tools and systems to get their work done, you’re less likely to lose them.

They’re also less likely to leave if they feel recognised and appreciated as individuals. That’s why we’re introducing two new features this week aimed at helping your employees feel the love:

1. Custom profile pictures

No one wants to feel like a faceless name on a spreadsheet. They want to feel like part of the team…like an individual…like a human being. So we’ve now added the ability for employees to upload their own profile pictures. Learn more about it here.


2. Employee birthdays

Even if you don’t like people making a fuss over you, it does feel good when people remember to say “happy birthday” once a year. So we’ve added employee birthdays to the schedule so that everyone knows whose birthday it is. Whether you do something special for the birthday girl/boy on that day, like take them out to lunch, or just remember to say “happy birthday” it’s a nice way to recognise your employees.

What do you do to improve employee retention?

These are just two of hundreds of things you can do within your company culture to make people feel a sense of belonging. What kind of things does your company you do to make people feel like part of the team?