When the work you’re meant to do changes from visit to visit

by Bill

A few weeks ago, team leader at one of our customers here in Sydney presented me with a problem. As we stood on the job site looking out over Sydney Harbour, he said:

I love SortScape but there’s one thing I really wish it could do that it just won’t do for me.”

“What’s that?” I asked even though I already had a hunch what he was going to say next.

“I have some customers where we just mow lawns on one visit and then do mowing + gardening on the next. SortScape’s ‘visit instructions’ have to be the same for all visits to a given customer. How can I track what work we’re meant to do if it changes from visit to visit?”

“Damn.” I thought. I knew he was going to ask that question. I knew it because many customers had asked for it before. And, unfortunately, I didn’t have a good answer for him.

We stood on the job site looking out over Sydney Harbour

This moment reminded me of a quote from Jason Fried, a famous software entrepreneur and author/speaker… “Forget feature requests. Let your customers remind you what’s important.” At SortScape we have a mile-long list of feature requests but this one just kept coming up again and again.  Clearly it’s important. It was time to deliver a solution.

Today we are announcing the solution. To support the “mowing on one visit, gardening the next” example above, we’ve released a “work required” field for visits. Unlike the ‘visit instructions’ field, the content in the “work required” field is unique to each visit so you have the flexibility to give a different set of instructions for each visit for a given property.

The content in the new “work required” field is unique to each visit

In the example above you could create one repeating visit with work required saying “lawn mowing” and second repeating visit in between with work required saying “gardening.”

If you’re already using SortScape, you can try it now on your SortScape site. If you don’t yet use SortScape …

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