80% of success is showing up

by Bill

I recently spent a week with my parents who live overseas. They were scheduled to have a new concrete patio and driveway poured and were eagerly awaiting a call from the concreter to say when the work would begin. They were a frustrated with the process of choosing a concreter and talked about the troubles they had just getting someone to call them back.

Like any trade or profession, I’m sure there are high quality concreters, low-quality concreters and many in the middle. The funny thing is, most homeowners probably wouldn’t know the difference in work quality (as long as the concrete slab doesn’t crack of course). What they do notice is the quality of your service…how quickly you return their call, whether you remember their specific needs, and whether you show up when you say you will. This goes for any trade whether it’s concreting or garden maintenance.

As the owner of a garden maintenance business you might hire the best horticulturalists in the world, but the quality of their work doesn’t matter if they don’t show up when the customer expects or forget to do work the customer specifically requested. The customer will eventually stop calling you when they find someone who can show up on time and do the work requested.

Many business owners invest heavily in equipment and training that their employees need for delivering quality work. That’s extremely important. But if the scheduling process you use for your garden maintenance business is leading to missed customer visits and forgotten customer requests, it’s time to invest in a scheduling system like SortScape.