Manage Issue types

Every company’s needs are different so SortScape allows you to create your own custom types of issues. For example, a landscaper might have issue types for “fertiliser” and “irrigation.” This helps you group your issues and know who to assign them to.

An administrator can manage issue types by clicking on the admin cog in the upper right hand corner and select ‘issue type’ from the dropdown.

manage issue types
Select ‘issue type’ from the cog dropdown
  • Add a new issue type by clicking the ‘add issue type’ button as shown below. Each issue type has a name and a colour. If you add an issue of that issue type to a visit, a small badge with the colour and first letter of the issue type will appear. For example see the ‘f’ on the visit below:

    Visit lozenge with fertiliser issue type
    A small badge with the colour and first letter of the issue type appears on the visit
  • Edit an existing issue type by clicking the pencil next to the issue type name
  • Deactivate an issue type by clicking the ‘deactivate’ link next to the issue type. Deactivating an issue type will prevent you from creating more issues of this type. You can re-activate an issue type if you deactivate it. Note – you cannot delete issue types because you may already have issues created of that type.
manage issue types screen
Manage your custom issue types from the ‘issue types’ administration screen.