Time and materials tracking

SortScape can also help you track time and materials spent on a visit which you can then use for invoicing. With time and materials tracking enabled, you’ll have the following features:

Your employees can enter the following onto a visit before or after marking it complete:

  • Time spent on the visit
  • Materials used and
  • A description of the work done.

landscape_maintenance_expense_trackingAdding time to visits

There are two ways to add time to a visit:

  1. By opening the visit and clicking the “add hours” button. From there you can enter a start time, end time and break minutes for one or more employees.
  2. (Experimental feature) By using the visit timer.

Adding material to visits

To add materials to a visit, click the “add material” button.

Users will be able to select the material from the dropdown and enter the quantity used.

By default, non-administrators cannot see the price charged for materials. This can be changed by an administrator on the Time and Materials settings screen.