Time and materials tracking

SortScape can also help you track time and materials spent on a visit which you can then use for invoicing. With time and materials tracking enabled, you’ll have the following features:

  1. Your employees can enter the following onto a visit before or after marking it complete:
    1. Time spent on the visit
    2. Materials used and
    3. A description of the work done.
  2. Your bookkeeper or any administrator can access an “Invoicing” screen which allows you track which visits have been invoiced.  From the invoices screen, you can:
    1. View all completed visits that have yet to be invoiced
    2. View the details of each completed visit and what needs to be invoiced
    3. Mark a visit as “invoiced.” When you click the ‘mark invoiced’ button SortScape will prompt you to enter the invoice number you used for that visit (the invoice number comes from whatever system you use for invoicing). 
    4. If you have QuickBooks Online or Xero connected, you can create invoices in those systems from completed visits.