Uploading your profile picture

In SortScape employees can customise their profile pictures by uploading images of themselves. This helps you recognise people assigned to jobs and makes the overall scheduling experience more personal.

An employee can update their own profile picture or an administrator can do it for them.

To upload your profile picture:

  1. Go to your profile by selecting “my profile” from the dropdown under your name.go to your user profile
  2. Click on the “edit button” under the default profile picture or simply click on the default profile picture itself.
    Edit your user profile
  3. Upload your photo. Note, the file you upload must be a .jpeg, .png or .gif file.
  4. Once your photo uploads, you’ll be asked to crop it to get rid of the background and only show your face.
    Crop the background of profile picture
  5. Once you’ve selected your face, click the “Save” button

Your picture will now show up next to your name on the schedule and elsewhere within SortScape.