Integrating with QuickBooks Online

You can link SortScape to your QuickBooks Online company so that information is synchronised between the two systems. Connecting SortScape with QuickBooks Online will enable the following features:

  • Syncing between SortScape contacts / properties and QuickBooks Online customers
  • Syncing between SortScape materials and QuickBooks Online products and services
  • The ability to create QuickBooks Online invoices from completed SortScape visits

Enabling QuickBooks Online Integration

To enable QuickBooks Online integration, you must be logged in as an Administrator. To enable QuickBooks Online integration, go to the “Integrations” admin screen and click the “Activate” button in the “QuickBooks Online” box.

Once you click this button, you will be redirected to the “QuickBooks Integration” settings screen.

Connecting to QuickBooks Online

Before syncing with QuickBooks Online you must first connect SortScape to QuickBooks Online as follows:

  • Click on the admin “Cog” in the upper right hand corner of the screen and click on “QuickBooks Integration” in the dropdown menu.
  • Click on the “Connect to QuickBooks Online” button and follow the prompts to sign into your QuickBooks online account.
  • If your QuickBooks account has access to multiple companies, choose the company which you’d like to sync with SortScape.
  • At the end of the process you will be redirected to SortScape.
  • Once you are redirected back to SortScape, your first sync will begin.

Synchronising with QuickBooks Online

SortScape will automatically sync with QuickBooks Online every 30 minutes. You can also manually sync at any time by clicking the “Sync with QuickBooks” button on the QuickBooks Integration screen.

Click “Sync with QuickBooks” to manually sync
Syncing QuickBooks Online Customers

When syncing SortScape with QuickBooks Online, all of your QuickBooks customers are imported into SortScape as contacts. If a QuickBooks customer has a shipping address specified, a SortScape property will be created using that shipping address (so you can schedule visits for that property). If no shipping address is specified for the QuickBooks customer then a property will be created using the customer’s billing address.

Once a QuickBooks Online customer is imported as a SortScape contact that QuickBooks customer and SortScape contact will be kept in sync going forward – Any changes to the name, email, phone number or company name for that contact will update the related QuickBooks customer on the next sync and vice-versa. Properties created from QuickBooks customers do not get synced with the source QuickBooks customer going forward…it’s just a one-time import.

Any SortScape contacts that don’t exist as a QuickBooks Online customer will get added as a new QuickBooks customer when added to a QuickBooks invoice (see below)

To prevent duplicate records, we first check to see if a contact with the same name, phone number or email address already exists before importing a QuickBooks customer as a SortScape contact, . If that contact already exists we do not import the customer.

If during the sync process we suspect that a QuickBooks customer already exists as a contact, you will see a link called “Link customers to existing contacts” under the “sync now” button:

This takes you to a screen listing all possible matches. Each possible match will show three columns:

On the left side are the values from the QuickBooks customer, on the right side are the values from the SortScape contact and, in the middle, are the proposed values. Left/right arrows will appear on any unmatched columns. Clicking the arrow on the left will update the field in the middle with the value on the left and likewise for the right. Clicking “accept values and link” will link the customer and contact and update them with the new values.

If a customer gets marked as inactive in QuickBooks the sync will automatically try to archive the linked contact in SortScape including its properties. If there are any pending jobs or open issues for any properties associated with that contact the sync won’t archive that contact in SortScape until those jobs and issues are either resolved or deleted.

Syncing QuickBooks Products and Services

When syncing SortScape with QuickBooks we import all your QuickBooks Products and Services into SortScape as materials.

To prevent duplicate records, SortScape will first look to see if a material with that same name already exists before importing a QuickBooks Product / Service and vice-versa. If such a material or product/service already exists, we won’t import it. We will instead create an automatic link between the material and that QuickBooks product/service for future syncing.

Once all the QuickBooks products and services are imported into SortScape they will remain linked so that any updates made in QuickBooks will flow through to the related SortScape material.

Materials in SortScape linked to QuickBooks Online products/services cannot be edited in SortScape. They need to be managed in QuickBooks Online.

Any SortScape materials that don’t exist as a QuickBooks product or service will get added as a new product in QuickBooks when the material added to a QuickBooks invoice (see below)

Creating QuickBooks Online Invoices

Once SortScape is connected to QuickBooks Online, you can then create QuickBooks Online invoices from completed SortScape visits. This is further described in Invoicing Customers.