Job scheduling and time tracking for your garden maintenance business

Find out why businesses across Australia, Great Britain, the US and Canada love SortScape.

Update your schedule in seconds

SortScape shows you what your team can get done given the situation so you can rapidly create and update your schedule with confidence. It’s as simple as dragging and dropping.

Track time and materials

Spending too much time on paperwork at the end of the day? 
Employees can enter their time and materials used from the field which makes invoicing and payroll faster and more accurate.

Track time and materials

Notify customer of upcoming visits

SortScape automates the process of sending SMS messages to customers letting them know when you plan to visit. That way they can let you know of any extra work they need done.

Notify customer of upcoming visits

Quickly access customer history

SortScape puts customer information at your fingertips. Quickly look up phone numbers, maps, photos, documents and a complete work history for any customer wherever you are.

Quickly access customer history

Don’t take our word for it

Here is what our customers say:

“SortScape has transformed my arduous daily grind of scheduling staff, jobs and materials to a quicker, enjoyable activity that saves me hours per week.”


Sydney, Australia
20 Employees

“The drag and drop function is great for when schedule doesn’t go to plan”… “Absolutely priceless app, it has made my least favorite part of managing my business so easy, quick and painless!”


Montana, USA
5 employees

“Great customer support and quick feedback. After some weeks of testing, we realized that this app fulfils great part of our needs, reduces administration hours and make daily work easier.”


Majorca, Spain
10 employees

Are you ready to transform your business?




Up to 5 employees
Up to 100 SMS’s per month
Unlimited jobs, properties and contacts




Up to 10 employees
Up to 100 SMS’s per month
Unlimited jobs, properties and contacts




Up to 20 employees
Up to 200 SMS’s per month
Unlimited jobs, properties and contacts

– Fees paid monthly in advance
– Cancel any time
– All $ amount in AUD
Add 10-employee bundles for $49/month