About us

What we’re about

We started SortScape in 2015 with the goal of helping small entrepreneurs and family-owned businesses thrive. We spent much of our careers building software for large corporations, banks and government agencies but we left that behind to start a company that serves “the little guy.” Small businesses are the cornerstone of healthy communities and a major source of good jobs. Because so many small businesses are in the lawn and garden services industry, we’ve decided to focus on helping these businesses.

Why we’re different

Most of our competitors provide a general “field services” offering which try to satisfy a broad range of industries like plumbing, HVAC, electrical, handyman, arborist, etc. We made SortScape exclusively for lawn and garden maintenance businesses. This means that:

SortScape is simple – Because we focus exclusively on lawn and garden maintenance, we provide only the core features needed to get the job done. With SortScape you avoid all the complexity you otherwise find with general field services offerings which aim to satisfy everyone.

SortScape is fast – because SortScape is simple to use, you can get up and running quickly with limited hand-holding. Most of our customers get up and running with no training at all. Of course we always here to help should you get stuck or have any questions.

SortScape is affordable – Because SortScape is simple and quick-to-learn we don’t need to hire expensive sales staff to sell you on the product or get you up and running. As a result, we can make SortScape affordable for sole traders and larger businesses alike. You will find SortScape to be aggressively priced compared to any other field services offering.

To see if SortScape is a good fit for you, start a free trial. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.