Visit settings

Administrators can update the following Visit Settings for your company’s SortScape site. The Visit Settings screen is accessible only to administrators and can be reached by clicking on the “Cog” in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

The Visit Settings screen can be reached by clicking on the “Cog”

Autoschedule visits

Newly-created visits will automatically get added to the schedule rather than placed in the “visits due” column. It is recommended you keep autoschedule enabled. Default is Yes.

Repeat based on due date?

If YES the system makes the next repeating visit due based on the due date of the current visit. For example: you have a repeating fortnightly visit due on Monday the 1st. The visit ends up getting completed on Wed the 3rd. The next visit would be created for Monday the 15th (2 weeks after the 1st).

Change to NO if you want to make the next repeating visit due based on the day you complete the current visit. In the example above, the next visit would be created for Wed the 17th (rather than Monday the 15th). In this case, the subsequent visit won’t be created until you mark the current visit complete.

Default is Yes.

Track invoiced visits?

Adds an extra “mark invoiced” step to each visit so you can see which visits have been completed but not yet invoiced. This prevents you from forgetting to invoice a customer for work done. Enabling this setting will add an “Invoices” screen showing all visits pending invoicing. This setting is automatically enabled when you enable time and materials tracking. Default is No.

Show contact name on the schedule?

Default is Yes. Uncheck this to hide the contact name from the schedule and make the schedule display in a more compact format. Note that this doesn’t pertain to the print view of the schedule.

Show contact name on the schedule print view?

Default is Yes. You can uncheck this to hide the contact name from the schedule print view so that employees won’t see the contact name on the printed schedule.

Show estimated visit value to non-administrators?

You may decide to hide this from non-administrators if you don’t want employees and contractors to see the estimated visit value..

Hourly rate

The average hourly rate you charge. This is used for calculating the estimated visit value based on the number of hours you enter. Default is 50.

Work weekends?

Change this no (i.e. un-check this) to prevent repeating visits from getting automatically scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays. Default is yes.

Email addresses to cc when emailing schedule

When emailing the daily and weekly schedule to your staff, these email addresses will be cc’d. Separate multiple email addresses with commas (,)


Use tags and emojis to highlight something special about a visit on the schedule or to note special requirements for a visit. You can manage all your visit tags on this screen.

Seasonal schedule settings

To allow for different repeating frequencies throughout the year, SortScape has the concept of “seasonal schedules.” Learn more here.