Tracking customer requests with Issues

Issues are special one-off tasks that need to be done on the next visit to a property.  For example, a customer might call and ask you to trim the hedges or fix a broken broken sprinkler on your next visit. In these instances you can create an issue for that customer so that employees in the field see the request, fulfill it and mark it complete when done.

Adding issues

From the Schedule, click on the visit where you want the issue to appear.

click on the visit where you want the issue to appear

When the visit dialog opens, go to the ‘open issues’ section and click to add a new issue:

from the visit dialog, click to add a new issue

Complete the following fields and click the ‘create’ button:

  • The issue type – For example ‘irrigation’, ‘fertiliser’, etc. You can also create your own custom issue types.
  • Work required – this is where you describe the work that needs to be done.
  • (optional) Assign to – the employee who’s meant to do the work. This can be left blank if any employee is able to complete the issue.
Enter the issue type, work required and ‘assign to’

Viewing issues

Once an issue has been created, it will appear as an open issue on the visit dialog:

open issues will appear on the visit dialog

When viewing the visit on the schedule, you’ll also see a small “badge” on the visit letting you know there’s an open issue and the type of issue outstanding. On the example below, there’s an outstanding ‘irrigation’ issue as demonstrated by the (i).

a small “badge” appears on the visit. For example, there’s an open irrigation issue on this visit.


You can view all open issues across all customers by clicking on the ‘Issues” tab in the top navigation bar.

You view all open issues from the “Issues” screen

Marking issues complete

You can mark the issue complete from anywhere you view the issue. For example, from the visit dialog click the checkbox next to the open issue to mark it complete.

Click the checkbox to mark the issue complete