Fuel savings, Invoicing improvements and more

by Bill

You use SortScape everyday but maybe haven’t noticed all the new features and improvements we are constantly adding. Here’s an overview of some of the new functionality made available to you over the past few months.

We hope they will save you you time and money.

Improved route optimization

We know a lot of you already make use of SortScape’s route optimization, but it wasn’t always clear how much time and fuel this feature can save you. With the recent rise in wages and fuel prices it is more important than ever to make sure you reduce your time and distances travelled each day.

To help, we’ve added the ability to preview how much you can save on time and distance. Customers have been gobsmacked when they calculate how much money they save over the year by consistently optimizing their routes.

To give you an example: If you shave just 10 mins of travel time and 6 miles (10km) off a given job run each day, you save 43 hours and 1500 miles (2500 km) in a year! And that is just for a single job run.

Make sure you try route optimization and let us know what you think.

Preview how much you can save on time and distance

Improvements for sole traders

We have seen an influx of sole traders starting to use SortScape which is great. We have always supported young businesses by offering a dedicated sole trader license at a reduced price.

The majority of our sole traders use SortScape almost exclusively on their phones so we are going to make some changes to make sure it works well out in the field and allows you to quickly achieve your scheduling needs.

The month view for the schedule has been our first focus as it turns out that most sole traders only have a single job run and do most of their scheduling in the month view. We made the month view more condensed on small screens so you can get all the visit information at a glance. You can now also add visits to a particular job run in month view.

Even customers with more than one job run benefit as job run names are now displayed and you can even add new job runs in month view.

Condensed month view gives you all your visit information at a glance

View property attachments from visits

Many customers upload documents like checklists, safety guides, irrigation documentation or property photos as property attachments. Customers find this very useful.

The problem is that it can take many steps for an employee in the field to access property attachments… The need to leave the visit screen in the app, search for the property and then click into the property screen.

To make this easier, we made it so you can set property attachments to be visible when viewing visits. When viewing a property, just select which property attachments should appear on every visit.

Invoicing improvements for our larger customers

For customers connected to Xero or QuickBooks Online, we have always had the ability to create one invoice for multiple visits under the same property. But as a business grows you often end up with multiple properties for the same contact. To streamline invoicing even further, SortScape now allows you to create a single invoice for multiple visits and properties across the same contact. To access this functionality you need to group your outstanding invoices by contact.

Create one invoice across multiple properties

Our larger customers often have to deal with a large number of visits pending invoicing. To make handling these easier we’ve not only introduced new options for grouping but also allow for searching visits pending invoicing.

Search within visits pending invoicing

With all this we hope that you get the invoicing done even faster.

More on the way

We’re continually improving SortScape to help make your life easier and your business more efficient. There are some awesome new features we plan to add this year so stay tuned!